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Date: 13th September 2020
Bible Verse: Luke 18:22


Becoming like Jesus is simply denying ourself of our old nature, the one that was corrupted by sin, because by virtue of birth humanity inherited the sin system (see Ephesians 2:3), but the God standard gave us Jesus as a role model in all that we do.

To every transformation there is a process, a legal expert, medical professional, business tycoon, spiritual leaders all started from somewhere; Jesus showed us that for us to follow him and become like him, we will have to part with all the distractive challenges that has become part of our socio culture today

Why The Transformation

We serve a progessive God that is not stationery, he promised that He will do a new thing (see Isaiah 43:19), and for us to be acceptable and lifted to the height where the world we see us as true representative of God whom He is fulfilling is liberating work through, we need to go through the transformation baptism, biding bye, bye to the old nature and embracing the regenerated lifestyle.

Jesus said to the young man to go and path way with the things that has become a system and idol in his life and come and follow him (see - Matthew 19:21), to go and sell his belonging has drawn many criticism over the years but the light in that chapter really means, staying away from istraction and come and focus on the way the path of the kingdom is.

Our Focus on Jesus

The bible did not encourage us to be as our Pastor or as a christian but to be as Jesus, it is so important that we keep our focus on Jesus and not on man because the standard of a man or a woman may fail but that of the Lord Jesus will forever remain sure (see 2 Timothy 2:19), Jesus focused fully on His heavenly Father, and His assignment on earth became a success

In this day and age, everything around us is constantly clamoring for our undivided attention. The world is begging for our adoration. It’s harder than ever to focus with all the distractions offered every moment of every day. But all those distractions are rooted in idolatry and self when they get us to take your eyes off of our heavenly Father and His great plan for our life.


Jesus said that the prince, the ruler of the world couldn't find nothing in him (see John 14:30), we also in the same vein is to pursue a standard of spiritual purity and grow to embrace holiness and righteousness lifestyle that will hinder the work of the accuser of the brethren that seek to accuse us day and night with the top-most agenda that is designed to stop us from being a great force for the Lord and his vessel of honor.

The Lord will not ask us to do what is outside of our strength, when we step out to do the possible, we see God start doing the impossible through us, may we make the Lord proud henceforth in Jesus name, amen.

Group Discussion

(1). Can we become like Jesus in our ways?
(2). Could the present civilisation have distracted Jesus?
(3). Why could some focus on Jesus while others struggle?
(4). To sell our belongings and follow Jesus, what does it mean?

Thanks for being part of today's Milk & Bone, I pray that as we strive to be as Holy as our Lord and God is Holy (1 Peter 1:16), we will continue to be God's delight here on earth in Jesus name, amen.

Let Us Pray

(1). Father, help my focus to be on you
(2). Lord Jesus, help me in my spiritual life.
(3). Everlasting Father, fill me again and again