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Date: 23rd August 2020
Bible Verse: Isaiah 6:8


Every government in power knows that the smooth running of affairs and good delievery of basic amenities are part of the responsibilities that the success of a government will be judge on, in carrying out most of the responsibilities there may be need for delegation of services.

God is the King over the Kingdom of heaven and earth, we are the people of his pasture through whom he has chosen to make the world a better place (see Psalm 115:16)

Just as Jesus was sent out of the will of the father to come and reconcile the world back to the ways of God, we have also been sent with a message from God to the world, Jesus said “Peace be with you; As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.” - John 20:21 NLT

Created For Greater Impact

All through the bible we can see history repeating itself as God keep engaging ordinary people to carry out his global plans, Daniel was a student in Babylon but God used him to impact the Babylonian system for God.

The twelve disciples were everyday people like you and me, but they teamed up with God and a revival broke out that is still spreading across the gblobe today - Acts 2:2

Elisha was an everyday person (a farmer) when Elisha reached out to him with the opportunity to fulfill heavenly assignment (see 1 Kings 19:19-21), an everyday person that ended up impacting the whole of Israel and the neighbouring countries all because of yielding to God's demand for his service.

we don't need to be able to figure it all out before we surrender to God'd prompting because the plans is not our's but of God, all he wanted from us is just to team up with him and he will do extra ordinary things through us in reaching the unreached of our generation.

You Are Sent To Someone

We can obviously not reach everyone on the surface of the earth but if we can reach those that the Lord has called us to reach according to the power that works in us (see Ephesians 3:20).

There were many widows in the days of Elijah, but he was only sent to the widow of Zarephath, many lepers abound in the days of Elisha but he was only sent to Namaan (see Luke 4:25-27)

Schindler tried to convinced Goeth to sell him the enslaved Jews that were under him, his acts helped saved a lot of Jews that were later transfered back to Israel after the fall of Adolf Hitler.

God doesn't joke with soul, he intend that we will reign together with him as heirs of his kingdom but without us teaming up with his plans here on earth, those that the devil and his agents are causing to backslide and eventually denounce their christian faith and salvation will not be reached and the eternal implication upon there soul may not be good (see Hebrews 9:27)


Look around you and see if you can identify a brother or sister that was once on fire for God but have backslided (backsliders will always have an excuses but those excuse can be costly on the day we stand before the throne of God) that is an example of whom you have been sent to, for reconsiliation back to the grace of love and fellowship with Jesus.

A brethren, or unbeliever that got carried away with the need to meet the set civil needs of this earth,
::: The sick and hopelesss
::: The Abused & the disserted
::: The manipulated, distracted & backsliders
::: Those that have not heard about Jesus
::: Those that never knew or heard of forgiveness and cancellation of sin through the shedding of the blood of Jesus.

All this, though not limited to the list above are clear examples of those that God is empowering us to reach for him as everyday people and in doing so we are aligning to the will of the father, the result are always a fulfilled life here on earth and in the world to come

Group Discussion

(1). How easy or difficult is it to be part of God's plan
(2). In a counter-faith settings, how can we represent God?
(3). God uses everyday people for greater works (discuss)
(4). How can we identify those that we are sent to?

Thanks for being part of today's Milk & Bone, I pray that as we strive to be as Holy as our Lord and God is Holy (1 Peter 1:16), we will continue to be God's delight here on earth in Jesus name, amen.

Let Us Pray

(1). God, calibrate my focus and let me see that I'm here not just to pay bills
(2). Father, help me, to do your will even when I don't understand your plans
(3). On the day we will see you face to face, Father, let me be pleasing to you, God
(4). Heavenly father, empower me to labour successfully on the grounds you have set before me
(5). Father, heal my focus, don't allow my earthly understanding to ruin your eternal plans for me
(6). God of the universe, bring me back to you, use me as you please